Friday, June 17, 2011

Poster session and other mini updates

Hi everyone!

Don't you love the summer? I always appreciate the opportunity to take a step back from my daily grind and work on some interesting projects (which, for me, usually have nothing to do with my science liaison responsibilities). This summer, I'm helping start up a first-year library orientation/tour/scavenger hunt/game. I'm really hoping that this ends up with me being able to dress up in a monkey costume for the event! I'm also trying to redo the kind of support we offer for citation management software (and got IRB approval for a survey I did to get some feedback, so with any luck, I can publish the results at some point). I'm also starting to weed our computer science materials, though I won't concentrate more on that until after ALA.

Speaking of which, I'll be at a poster presentation sponsored by STS (the Science and Technology Section of ACRL). It's taking place Monday, June 27th, in the Convention Center Room 395. My poster's talking about a weeding project I did last summer for the biological sciences - in a nutshell, I tagged books with book bands, invited faculty to a mini library party, and asked them to write their recommendations on the book bands. It was pretty fun, and I got some great feedback .. and now you don't need to come to the poster session. ;)

My only other update is that one of the physics faculty that I met with last spring contacted me to ask if I wanted to give a session on library research to graduate-bound undergraduates from various science programs on campus. Since their research interests are varied, I'm trying to focus on some common denominators that they can use both now and in their graduate careers - some searching tips, but also setting up RSS feeds in databases and an introduction to why citation management software is a good idea to learn before you really need it!

I'll let you all know how the monkey costume thing goes.. I should also be starting to work with physics and environmental science later this summer to prepare for my involvement in some of their classes (fingers crossed).