Monday, April 18, 2011

Short updates

Hi everyone -

I just realized it's been a while since my last post. I'm still getting the feel for this whole blogging thing. :)

Things I'm currently waiting for or working on:
- Waiting to hear back from physics about plans for the fall. They wanted to discuss our ideas with the rest of the department. I may or may not hear before summer, but plan to talk to them before August, anyway.

- I'm starting the process for weeding our computer science collection. This is partly stimulated by the collection management team's goal to weed the collection every 5 years, but more because we now own Safari Tech Books .. and our collection's never been weeded. Ever!! After talking with the head of physics (who is also the acting chair for computer science), I feel pretty confident going ahead with this. I'm currently waiting to get some spreadsheets of older computer science titles (I'm going with pretty low-hanging fruit, but will then look through the collection and mark additional titles that I think should be weeded), and will then start contacting faculty to get input.

- I'm giving a poster presentation at ALA this summer. It'll be during the STS Poster Session, which is Monday, June 27th at 11:30 am. I'll be discussing the weeding project I went through last summer weeding our QE-QR collection. I weeded about 1200 books (which should give you an idea of just how outdated our collection can be), and had a lot of faculty help in doing so. I'll probably write a bit more about it when I start putting my poster together .. probably in late May or June. :)

- I'm hoping to meet with some of the biology department in May. My main partner in crime in that department (and the one that I partnered with to develop a couple of IL sessions and assignments this spring) has not been particularly responsive to my e-mails, which is making it tough. Hoping to catch him at the right time when he won't be quite so busy (i.e., right after finals)!

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